About Me

I'm a Crafter, A Maker, and Sometimes Even a Baker!

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A Crafter, a Maker, Sometimes a Baker

I am an avid crafter, the main focus is on paper craftings, such as handmade greeting cards, scrapbooking, and other projects using paper. 

I would say all around I’m a maker, as stated above in addition to paper crafting, I create DIY home decor and I have a passion for baking. 

I love watching any and all baking shows, Food Network being on my TV pretty much constantly, aside from when the Hubby is watching Football. We are big college football fans in the K house! 

I utilize my Cricut Maker in many of my crafting endeavors, whether it be paper crafting, vinyl decals, homemade stickers, or making stencils for home decor.  

Generally, you can find me in front of my computer or my iPad creating or researching the idea of the next creation!