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Celebrate Easter with Spring Decorations and Bunny Accents for your Home

Welcome to My Creative World

I usually focus on paper crafting projects. Today I am shifting to highlight one of my other creative outlets, DIY home decor! I love decorating inside and outside of my house for the major holidays and seasons.

Currently, my collection of home decor is ever-growing. It’s for common themes like Fall and Christmas. In the summer, I have quite the Americana decor. It has to be my favorite. I have a few things that I put out for Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s, and Spring and Easter. Right now I put out my spring and easter decorations together. I have only started to make more general spring decorations that do not have bunnies.

Exploring Different Artistic Mediums

Paper crafting has been my main craft. But, I enjoy experimenting with other crafts too. I have a bit of history in woodworking. I grew up around carpenters and learned to use their tools at a young age. I appreciate all things crafty. I strive to make my home warm and personalized with handmade decor.

The Porch Leaner Sign Trend

If you were to visit, the first thing you’d notice as you approach my front door are a couple of my DIY porch signs. They are freestanding and customized with messages and designs according to the season. These signs have become very popular in the past few years. Although they have been around a while, they have taken the home decor world by storm.

easter and spring porch leaner

My Porch Leaner Obsession

I became interested in porch-leaning signs from seeing them on neighbors’ porches. I also saw them all over social media. There’s something so welcoming and charming about a cute sign greeting visitors. I thought that I could create my unique designs using skills and talents that I had not been using.

What started as a fun project has become somewhat of an obsession! I now have a rotation of porch leaners that I switch out based on the time of year.

For spring, you will see one sign with pastel colors. It has gnomes, which are another of my obsessions. They are taking over my home decor theme.

Once summer hits, I use vibrant sunflowers. I also use Americana themes for the 4th of July or beachy designs. Fall brings rich colors like burgundy. It also brings autumnal imagery: leaves, pumpkins, and warm wishes for a cozy season. In winter, my porch learners get a magical vibe. They have snowflakes, deer shapes, and joyful Christmas messages.

The Deco Mesh Wreath Craze

Another trendy home decor item I’ve gotten into making is deco mesh wreaths. These full, fluffy wreaths made from mesh material have become hugely popular for adorning front doors and walls. Just like the porch leaners, deco mesh wreaths allow for endless creativity with colors, ribbons, embellishments, and seasonal themes.

For spring this year, I crafted a beautiful pastel deco mesh wreath that sparkles with blooming flowers. I used a wreath frame I purchased at the Dollar Tree, alone with pastel pink mesh as the base. I then used 4 different wired ribbon designs in a couple of sizes. I like to pair a wider ribbon with a skinnier ribbon size to make them pop.

The ribbons I purchased came from not only dollar tree, some came from Michaels craft store as did the sign I used as well. This wreath brings me so much joy every time I walk through the front door!

The Creative Process

The process of designing and creating not only my signs but anything I make for my own is fulfilling. I start by finding inspiration. It may be from nature, Pinterest, social media, or just something that pops to mind. Then I move to picking my color palettes and fonts. Gathering any embellishments needed, such as choosing embellishments like twine or floral picks. Sometimes, I even select lighting elements. Bringing my vision to life is a therapeutic labor of love.

Spreading Joy Through Art

What I love most is how my creations spark conversation and spread cheer. Neighbors often stop to admire and comment on my latest design. A cheerful message can brighten someone’s day as they’re coming and going.

It delights me to witness the widespread popularity of porch leaner signs, with them being readily available even at major retailers like Hobby Lobby, Michaels and even grocery stores like Kroger. While my own creations are distinctly unique and one-of-a-kind, I’m thrilled that this delightful home decor trend is gaining traction and allowing more people to embrace and enjoy it.

A Creative Calling

I hope this peek into one of my creative passions inspires you. It may lead you to explore new ways to express art. Maybe this will motivate you to make your home decor! No matter your crafting interests, I encourage you to never stop creating. Thank you for following along on my creative journey!



  1. Your spring projects are so cute! I need to get started on some!

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