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Easter Home Decor

Happy Easter!

Welcome readers! Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog, Easter is coming! Easter is April 17, 2022 (for those of your reading in the future). Today I am going to take a step away from paper crafting and introduce you to one of my other crafty creations.

While I do enjoy paper crafting, it is one of my main crafts at this moment. I like to take a little time to create using other mediums as well. A lover of all things art, and wanting to make my house feel like a home, I like to make a lot of the decor you will find if you were to ever visit my house.

You will notice a couple of my creations as you walk up to my door. A popular trend now is porch leaner signs. I am sure they have been around for a while, however, it seems the past few years (I’ve noticed since the pandemic), that porch leaner signs are becoming ever more popular, that even big-box retailers and craft stores are now selling them. I’ve even seen them for sale at Kroger!

Thank you for reading!

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