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Lots of Pun – Dec 21′ Paper Pumpkin Card Kit


Discover the creative wonders of Lots of Pun with December 2021 Paper Pumpkin Kit! 

If you haven’t yet experienced the magic of Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up!, let me fill you in on all the crafty goodness. 💌🎉

Each month, Stampin’ Up offers a subscription kit that’s more than just your average craft box – it’s a gateway to crafting bliss! While it’s primarily known for its stunning card kits, Paper Pumpkin is also perfect for unleashing your creativity and exploring various projects.

With every kit carefully curated to include everything you need (minus scissors and extra card stock) – it’s practically hassle-free crafting at its finest. And if you’re one for customization, there are even alternative options available where you can add your own personal touch with embellishments.

But that’s not all! Your first kit also comes with a stamping block and an ink cube in a coordinating color. It’s like receiving a delightful craft stash right at your doorstep while also getting to sample Stampin’ Up’s top-notch ink and products.

On top of all this crafting joy, Stampin’ Up goes above and beyond by providing coordinating products straight from their catalogs. And hey, keep an eye out because some months they even offer exciting add-ons at minimal extra cost!

Ready to embark on this crafting adventure? Visit Paper Pumpkin now to become a paper pumpkin subscriber and unlock endless creative possibilities! While you’re there check out the Paper Pumpkin blog for more inspiration. Don’t have a demonstrator? Head on over to and search for one near you to answer any questions and get started! 

Get ready to indulge in the delightful Lots of Pun theme

This kit is packed with materials to create a total of 9 adorable cards, featuring three charming designs, each accompanied by card bases and coordinating envelopes. Our playful stamp set showcases clever puns and whimsical images like bananas, cherries, eggs, and toast – perfect for sparking joy and smiles.

Paper Pumpkin, lots of fun card kit
Images Copyright of Stampin’ Up

But here’s where the fun really begins! You can use the stamp set to create beautifully stamped images on the included die cuts or let your imagination run wild and color them using alcohol or watercolor markers, watercolor paints, or colored pencils. The choice is yours!

To capture exactly what you want to say, we’ve included sentiments like “You tell the best yolks,” “I loaf you,” “You are cherry sweet,” and “Celebrate! Go Bananas” – along with a few other sentiments that perfectly match this month’s kit theme.

As an extra treat for our subscribers, we’ve included a Stampin’ Spot ink cube in a color that perfectly coordinates with this kit. These petite ink cubes not only make for easy storage but also offer endless opportunities for fun techniques!

Take a sneak peek at what awaits you in December’s kit below.

Images Copyright of Stampin’ Up

Unleash your creativity with the stunning cards from this month’s kit! 💫💌

When my kit arrives each month, I always love diving right into the crafting process. One of my favorite ways to begin is by creating at least one card using each design, following the kit’s instructions. It not only showcases the incredible possibilities of each kit but also ignites my creative spark and opens up a world of alternative project ideas.

To kickstart your inspiration journey, let me share one of my creations with you. I started with the basic design from the kit and added a personal touch by incorporating embellishments from my own collection that perfectly complemented the contents. The result was a unique twist on the original design that truly captured my style.

Remember, with Paper Pumpkin, you have endless opportunities to customize and explore beyond what comes in each box. Let your imagination soar as you discover new ways to make these cards your own!

My first alternative creation! 

Sometimes it takes a little time to brainstorm alternatives, but I’m thrilled to share this unique idea with you. I decided to get crafty by cutting up one of the kit’s envelopes and pairing it with coordinating cardstock and elements from the kit. Then, I added it onto a card base of my own design.

Greeting Card

To come up with this alternative, I drew inspiration from various sources like Pinterest posts and dedicated Facebook groups that revolve around Paper Pumpkin. It’s amazing how exchanging ideas can spark new creative possibilities!

What’s Paper Pumpkin?

If you do not know what Paper Pumpkin’ is, it is a monthly craft subscription kit offered by Stampin’ Up. I say monthly craft subscription, while it is mainly a card kit. It is nearly inclusive of everything you need to create the project for the month. Only need your own scissors or extra card stock, and embellishments if you would like to do alternatives.

Your first kit includes a stamping block for the stamp sets that come in the kit. Each card kit includes a coordinating color of an ink cube. Which is a good way to build up a little craft stash or sample out Stampin’ up’s ink and products.

Stampin’ up, aka SU, does a good job of also providing coordinating products from their catalogs. Some months an add-on is available for a minimal extra cost. To find out how to become a subscriber, please visit Paper Pumpkin!

Theme of the Month

Subscribers received the kit-themed Lots of Pun. The kit included materials to make 9 cards in total, 3 of each design, including envelopes. Using a play on words, puns, with images of banana, cherries, eggs, and toast, as the images from the stamps as well as colored die cuts.

Included is a stamp set with images that can be stamped on the die cuts included in the kit. Or they can be stamped separately and colored with alcohol or watercolor markers, watercolor paints, or color pencils, whatever medium you choose.

Also, there are sentiments, such as “you tell the best yolks”, “I loaf you”, “you are cherry sweet”, and “Celebrate! Go Bananas”, along with a few other sentiments that match the theme of the kit.

Also, with the kit was a small ink cube, Stampin’ Up’s stampin’ spot, which is a small sample of one of the colors of ink pads that also matches/coordinates with this kit. I enjoy the small ink cubes as you can do some fun techniques.

The small ink cubes help to build your craft stash if you are new and starting out. They’re small and easy to store. As you can see below, the image from Stampin’ Up (all rights owned by Stampin’ Up) is what the December kit includes.

Cards from the kit

For me, when I get my kit each month, I like to do at least one of each design according to the kit’s instructions. It helps to remind me of not only what the kit is capable of, it helps to get my creative juices flowing and help me think of alternative projects to make with the kit.

As you can see to start with, I went with the basic design from the kit, only altering the embellishments. I used embellishments from my own stash that I thought matched a little more to the contents. 

Greeting Card
Hello, Celebrate! Go Bananas
Greeting Card
Let’s grow mold together, I loaf you, You tell the best yolks
Greeting Card
You are cherry sweet!

Stampin Up

If you would like more information about Stampin’ Up and Paper Pumpkin, or to find a demonstrator near you to get started, you can do so through Stampin’ Up’s website here

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