Craft Supply Organization made effortless!

 Harness the power of Airtable for seamless efficient organization!

Get your craft supplies in order

Save Time & Energy

Quickly locate your craft materials, eliminating the frustration of searching through cluttered spaces.

Avoid Duplicate Purchases

Stay organized with Airtable's inventory tracking, preventing unnecessary spending on items you already have.

Mobile Accessibility

Access your organized supply inventory on the go with Airtables mobile app, making shopping and planning more convenient.


Design System that works

With a pre-built supply inventory Airtable base, you gain access to a comprehensive range of fields and functionalities tailored crafters' needs. This includes features like a table dedicated to listing all manufacturers where you can keep track of Affiliations and links. Such comprehensive management capabilities help you maintain a clear overview of your supplies and make informed decisions about restocking or utilizing existing materials.


As your craft supplies grow or your organizational needs evolve, a ready-made inventory database can easily scale with you. It provides the flexibility to add new items, adjust categories, or accommodate increased storage requirements. This scalability ensures your craft supply organization system remains effective and adaptable as your creative pursuits expand.


A ready-made inventory database provides a structured framework for organizing your craft supplies. It offers predefined fields, categories, and tags designed specifically for managing craft materials. This structure ensures consistency and coherence in your inventory system, making it easier to locate and track your supplies.​

Increased Productivity

By utilizing a ready-made craft supply inventory database, you save valuable time that would otherwise be spent creating the inventory system from scratch. You can quickly jumpstart your organization process and focus on managing and using your craft supplies more efficiently.​

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